Feed Your Horse

  • Lixotinic Equine Feed Supplement A Vitamin and mineral supplement that contains iron, copper, five B-complex vitamins, and liver paste which furnishes essential amino acids. Because it is highly palatable, Lixotinic may be adminis... USD168
  • Gueida Haboun All kinds of grains , hay , beans, Barley, and more
  • Vita Flex HARD KEEPER Horse Supplement Hard Keeper Solution is designed to help horses gain and maintain weight and develop a beautiful skin and coat condition. Giving extra grain to boost calories can lead to digestive upset and other ... USD24
  • Nu-Image Dark Horse Specially formulated to enhance and shine coats, manes & tails on brown, bay and black horses. Helps prevent that washed out reddish-orange coat and brings out the essence in your horse s natural c... USD76
  • Bite-Size Nuggets TREATS Bite-Size Nuggets TREATS A nutritional treat, reward, or training aid for your horse. EGP22