Health & Care

  • Fiebing's Hoof Dressing A liquid hoof dressing compounded from the purest of materials to keep a hoof in excellent condition. Aids in keeping the hoof healthy. does not include applicator brush
  • Mohamed Malek specialist in equine hoof care, including the trimming and balancing of horses' hooves and the placing of shoes on their hooves
  • Dr Ibrahim Sebita veteterian specialist, health care , breeding, pregnancy vaccination ..
  • veterinarian Francisco Cardeilhac, am specialist veterinarian equine embryo transfer. I'm Argentine and would be interested in making embryos season abroad, as I have finished the season here. In my resume you...
  • RIO VISTA 1-Defends against the local fungus. Washing your horse reduces bacteria growth and that means he's less likely to get the local fungus from other horses. 2- It defends against girth itch and makes... USD8
  • VSI Convenient snap-lock hard pack includes water-resistant Care Card that provides valuable information for horse care and emergencies. Fits under a car seat, in your saddle bag or anywhere that horse...
  • Bioactive Syringe Energy Boost for Horses Bioactive is a pre-race/competition energy booster syringe for all horses. Bioactive contains bee pollen, one of natures wonder foods which contains over 185 nutrients. Bioactive contains tmg, a na... USD11
  • Hoof Magic Hoof Magic Thrush Antiseptic Treatment Healing Tree Products, Inc. For use on thrush, seedy toe, white line disease, coronary band scurf, cracked heel bulbs and other bacterial and fungal problem... USD1